Ep 02: The transformative power of birth, Haley’s 44+3 weeks pregnancy, and Homebirth

In this conversation with Haley, we hear her inspiring story of birthing her third baby (who was 5.4kg!) at home at 44+3. Haley shares her birth story medicine, her mindset, powerful experience and rituals she engaged with for her healing pregnancy, labour and lotus birth. 

You’ll hear us discuss:

  • Haley’s experience with EMDR for healing birth trauma
  • Haley’s pre-conception and calling her third baby in
  • Haley’s reflections and experience from 42 weeks pregnant onwards
  • Haley’s labour, the support she received and the power she birthed in 
  • The imprint of normalising birth and family placenta care

Haley describes the waiting phase of her pregnancy with such incredible insight.

I feel really complete now after having my third daughter, that phase of pregnancy and birth, it's this flow of water, that cascades down a mountain. Each birth is this waterfall then the cascade of water continues down this mountain. I'm at that point now, where the cascade of flowing water has finished and it's this place of stillness and reflection, it feels like a place I can just return back to in my journey onwards and the lessons, of my pregnancies, my births and my babies, that will just continue to trickle into other aspects of my life

together episode 2 transformative power of birth


Haley is a mother who is open, inquisitive and passionate. She has three beautiful children and each of their births has been a journey of discovery, travelling beyond the realms of what she thought was possible and emerging with a new sense of self. Her births have shaped her, inspired her and taught her to understand the world from a new perspective.

I'd worked through my fears with a fear releasing ceremony and turned those into affirmations. So when a fear came up, such as the wellbeing of my baby,  I'd invite that fear in and I would really analyse where that fear was coming from.


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