sell the effing course



So you’ve watched Make The Effing Course and are feeling all fired up and excited about turning your passion into an online offering. YAY! That was the goal!

You know how to create your course, you understand the tech, what’s involved and how to put it all together.

When you start to think about how to share your work with the world, you suddenly feel stuck again. 

The BUT HOW question starts to get really loud. 

Fear creeps in. The stories around selling being sleazy or annoying, stressing about how many posts you should make or times to send emails, it’s keeping you up at night.

Let’s talk about it! Join my 2 hour online class and Q&A, where I will share loads of emotional and practical guidance around selling.

who is this for?

You have watched Make the Effing Course (not compulsory though) and now want to learn how to sell your stuff in the future. 

You already have an online offering created, but self-sabotage / perfectionism has meant you’ve NEVER EVEN released it.

You are planning a launch soon and are quietly shitting yourself.

You’ve tried your hand at promoting your online offering but it didn’t get the traction you hoped for and you are looking for some more ideas and inspiration.

Whatever your reason for joining, you are welcome here!

Oh, and one of the best parts of this class is the Q&A – you can pre-submit your questions and we can all learn from each others experiences and challenges. 

Plus it’s ONLY $22!

Rachael Rose Womb Dust

You’ve made the thing, now it’s time to sell the effing course! 

what will be covered?



Why learn ABOUT ONLINE COURSES from me?

My flagship course – Together: Women’s Circle Facilitator Training, has seen over 300 people join in 14 months, generating over $120,000 in sales (without any paid ads)!

I’ve also created various other  short online classes through to my year-long biz mentorship programs. My total course sales are over $210,000 in the last 2 years. 

I have run 5 five-figure launches in 2 years and have learned a lot about marketing my work.

The reason I share those figures is not because I think everybody can cut, copy and paste a formula and get the same results, but it does show I might know a thing or two about making and selling courses.

why join SELL the effing course?


“Rachael has a beautiful way of normalising those fears many of us. And encouraging us to move past them! Aimee

Where and when is the class?

This is a pre-recorded replay.

How long do I have access?

You will have lifetime access, return any time you need.

Is it compulsory to watch Make The Effing Course first?

No, Sell the Effing Course is the next logical step to that offering, but if you have already made an online course without it –  and want support in selling, feel free to join this class!



Rachael has so much knowledge and experience in sustainably building a line (or multiple lines) of impact and income, balancing this with motherhood, opting out of hustle and grind culture yet getting shit done and not sabotaging yourself.
Karli Smith
Literally would not/could not have created and released my online course Cook and Cocoon without Rachael cheering me on and supporting me practically. It has been months of talking with her about this, and her doula-ing me through. Reminding me: I can do hard things!
Naomi Chrisoulakis
Thank you for the online class, Building a Biz, this morning. You were super generous with your time, energy, knowledge, experience and reflections. Thanks for answering my question so thoughtfully.
Lauren Beatty
Rach has been so helpful in supporting me to clarify and define how the diversity in my offerings makes sense to my audience. She has been so validating of my multi passionate nature and has helped me to shape my offerings in a way that feels so aligned to me as a woman, mother and creative.
Charlotte Squires


I am the creator of Together: Women’s Facilitator Training which has over 300 students from around the world.

I also mentor other women and mothers in business through my year-long program called Doula Your Dreams (join the waitlist for 2024!)

Almost every single woman I have mentored has a SELLING PROBLEM. 

They get scared, they want to people please, they don’t want to take up space. I have been there too!

Let’s change that!