Ep 14: Birth, Babies and Business with Jessie The Doula

In this beautiful conversation with Jessie McGarry,  Jessie shares how she became a doula  with a large client load to how she is supporting other doulas with their businesses. We get to hear a clip from Jessie’s fourth birth and how the last year of motherhood has been for her.

You’ll hear us discuss:

  • How Rachael and Jessie met 4 years ago and the growth Rachael has witnessed in Jessie in that time
  • How Jessie built a business with small children around
  • How Jessie’s business changed as her capacity changed
  • Jessie speaks about the tension of the mother in business juggle
  • The mistakes Jessie made in her doula business when starting out
  • We get to hear a clip where Jessie is meeting her baby after her fourth birth
  • How choosing free birth and having a free birth, impacted Jessie as a woman, mother and doula

It's easy to give so freely before you can start getting burnt out. I have learnt you have to replenish yourself. You have to be nourished financially, in order to keep showing up to your fullest potential. It's a disservice to you. If you are not getting paid your worth, because it means your passion will dip, which means you're not showing up to the best of your ability, which means your clients are not getting the best of you.

jessie mcgarry


Jessie is a pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula, and a biz mentor to other doulas. She is here to guide women to reconnect to their power within, where everything they need already exists, awaiting to be utilised! Giving permission for women to not only acknowledge their unique desires, but to unapologetically go for it, without fear of sacrificing their truth, needs or expression….in birth and in biz!

I wanted to feel my baby come out of my body. I just wanted to feel that. I don't know if it's a biological thing, a primal thing. It was what I wanted personally for me. There was this little tiny whisper of doubt, like what if you can't and I really counteracted that by focusing and imagining the moment where I say I did it. When it actually happened, I was like, Holy shit. I did, I did it. I did do it.


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