Ep 15: A Powerful Family-Centred Home Death, Death Planning, Honouring Death As a Rite of Passage

In this conversation with my friend Haley, she has come to share the story of her father’s death. There’s so much beauty in this story and there’s so much sacredness in how Haley talks about the final weeks, days and hours of her father’s life.

You’ll hear us discuss:

  • Who Haley’s father was and how his cancer diagnosis impacted his life
  • How being with her dad as he took his last breath was a positive experience for Haley
  • How powerful music and other rituals have been in honouring her dad
  • Talking about her fathers death with her children
  • Haley’s Dad’s Memorial and how they celebrated his life
  • How the experience of death as a rite of passage, has changed Haley forever

And I guess I used the term visions because I think, the medical profession would, probably term them as hallucinations, but I don't like to use that term because it's not how it felt to witness. It felt like he was in this place between two worlds, neither here on earth nor there, wherever he was going. He was sitting at this place on the edge of death, essentially. And he was able to see and feel things that are there that our brains, don't allow us to see

Episode 4 Season 2

It was this real contrast of something so profound that had just occurred in this room in his home, yet simultaneously something so normal. As I sat in that room peacefully next to dad and looked outside his window, the world went on oblivious to this transformation that occurred in this home. "


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