make the effing course


WHY do I HARP on about online courses?

Because they are damn powerful! Making the effing course has been a game-changer for me and I’ve mentored many other women to create their own online courses, increasing their flexibility and reach. 

Making a course is a chance to share your passion with people all over the world, to grow your impact, and yes, the potential is there to scale your income too. 

But, I am not going to guarantee you can do this without some fuck ups and failure along the way. It’s messy, it’s imperfect and it takes time.

You can either start now, or wait another 2 years. What do you say?


who is this for?

Are you dreaming of making an online course, but feel overwhelmed with the tech-fuckery and head-fuckery of where to begin and whether you know enough?

I created Make the Effing Course to be a gentle warm hug that gives you all the info you need, saving you from going down research rabbit-holes and wasting hours of your life.

This 2-hour masterclass will take you from a confused little pumpkin to confident and actually excited to start. And I’m doing it for an incredible bang for your buck. ONLY $22!

Rachael Rose Womb Dust

LOOK, Let’s Tackle THE ELEPhANT IN THE ROOM. there are a lot of false promises in the online course creation world. 

And I don’t want to perpetuate that. It’s gross and leads to unrealistic expectations.

Statements like “build a course and make money in your sleep or while you take a shit” (ok I added that last bit in)


Launch with no list, no followers and no friends and make six-figures in six seconds (while sleeping AND shitting) don’t tell the whole truth. 

The targeted Facebook Ads make it seem so easy. 

Well, I am here to tell you that online courses are absolutely AMAZING, and they do take some hard yakka. It’s also very helpful if you already have an engaged audience and community, and some experience with selling your offers. 

Can you do it as a brand new business? Yes. But it’s most likely going to take more time to see the results you hope for. And that’s okay!

Make the Effing Course aims to cut through the bullshit, while also giving you a bucketload of info, inspiration and cheerleading to do the damn thing.

Because I know there are so many incredible women out there who have many of the ingredients for an online course. The idea, the obsession and passion, the community, the experience…but something is holding them back.

Usually this either comes down to…

I’m no good with tech.”

(It’s never been easier to make an online course!)


Why would anyone want to learn from little ol’ me?”

(Why wouldn’t they?! You are a unique butterfly with a beautiful mind and the world needs to experience your magic!)


Someone else has made a course about my topic, so I won’t bother.”

(Hint. There’s room for you! That’s like saying there are already enough books in the world, so no one should write another book. It’s simply not true.)





$22 AUD

what will be covered?

“This offering was SO GENEROUS. rachael is authentic and genuine and clearly puts so much love and care into her work.”

Why learn ABOUT ONLINE COURSES from me?

 I overcame my own perfectionism and imposter syndrome (seriously, I will share some of the stories in class) and created my flagship course – Together: Women’s Circle Facilitator Training, which has seen over 300 people join in 14 months, generating over $120,000 in sales. 

I’ve also created various other  short online classes through to year-long biz mentorship programs. My total course sales are over $210,000 in the last 2 years. Honestly, it still blows my mind!

I have run 5 five-figure launches in 2 years and have learned a shit-tonne along the way.

The reason I share those figures is not because I think everybody can cut, copy and paste a formula and get the same results, but it does show I might know a thing or two about making and selling courses.

why make the effing course?

“Rachael is an amazing facilitator. she is heart-centred, real, raw, generous and downright hilarious. sign up now! it’s this price because rach truly gives a shit and wants women to create. Period. this will be packed to the brim with solid advice. alica

Where and when is the class?

This is a pre-recorded replay of a masterclass held in late 2023. 

You can watch immediately after purchase. 

How long do I have access?

You will have lifetime access, return any time you need.

Do I need to have an idea for an online course already?

Not necessarily. 

Make the Effing Course will hopefully provide some clarity around which direction to take. 


Loved it! I have invested a fair bit into other course creation 'courses', but yours was the one that actually inspired me to 'make the fucking course', so thank you!!!

SO much value! I've been imprisoned by imposter syndrome for many years and too scared to share my voice outside of my 1:1 clients. Your class has inspired me to just say yes to beginning and feeling out the possibility of offering a course.

Listening to Make the Fucking Course and wow, blew me away! So many ahaaa moments and thanks for your honesty and transparency, felt so seen! x

Loved the class! Spent all morning writing a course that's been living in my mind for years. Thank you for showing up to this so others can show up to their callings.



I am the creator of Together: Women’s Facilitator Training which has over 300 students from around the world.

I also mentor other women and mothers in business through my year-long program called Doula Your Dreams .

One of the first things I do with new business mentoring clients, is look at the ways we can increase flexibility and profit, via online course creation. 

Over 300 women joined the last Make the Effing Course class, and I am bringing it back by popular demand, at the same accessible price.

This could be the most valuable $22 you spend in your biz!


Read the stuff I’m too scared to share publicly on social media. 
Become a part of my inner circle.

“Thanks for keeping it real with honesty and humour!”