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Women's Circle Facilitator Training

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Gain the skills and confidence to authentically lead circles,
deepen your ability to hold space and be a more compassionate human.

Ignite the fire that’s already within you and create spaces
the world desperately needs because…

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Women’s circles have the power to change lives.

It's a bold claim but here's why

  • Circles are a place to reclaim our power, our stories, and our wisdom.
  • They allow women to talk without the need to be fixed or pathologised. 
  • Circles create opportunities for personal growth.
  • They provide places of genuine connection, weaving threads of friendship and support.
  • Circles are oxytocin-fuelled fun. Enjoy big belly laughs and get high as a kite, without the comedown.
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How would it feel to be the woman who brings this to their community?

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I am going to teach you all the tools and techniques, rituals, activities and group processes that I’ve used to facilitate many women’s circles over the last 5 years.

I’ll also give you the behind the scenes on running circles as part of a heart-centered business, showing you how to create transformative circles that women return to time and time again.


A women’s circle is a safe place for women to gather with intention. In these spaces the masks come off, it’s a no-bullshit zone and women get to show up as their fully expressed selves. Circles often include rituals to mark rites of passages, or to honour the changing seasons and cycles of life. There is usually a theme and women are invited to share stories and wisdom around the topic. Others listen deeply and don’t offer advice or rescuing. All feelings and expressions are welcome in circle. It’s a window of time outside of ordinary reality and women leave with their emotional and spiritual cups overflowing. 

What's included in together?

What women say about together

erin baileytogether testimonial

Forever grateful for listening to my gut reaction of “fuck yes”

“I was already a meditation teacher and practitioner, and I knew that I wanted to bring circles to the work that I offered, but I was holding myself back. This training brought not only new offerings to my business but a new depth and richness to my 1:1 practice."

– Erin Bailey

Inspiring, encouraging and a massively generous gift!

“Rachael’s humorous and honest way of sharing and educating make it a delight to learn. The way the materials are broken down makes it achievable to complete, even with 2 businesses and 3 kids."

– Patricia Fellows

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Would have taken years to figure out by myself!

"I am blown away by the quality of content, the depth of experience and knowledge within this course. Rachael is authentic and supportive. Together is amazing and I cannot recommend it enough!”

– Delta Willa

I really LOVED together!

“I have already been facilitating circles for 2 years and the knowledge, information, and research provided was amazing. Sitting in Rachael's training was a delight."

– Jacinda Violi

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$799 AUD



$88 AUD


You want to understand women’s circle rituals and activities, and apply these to your personal and professional practice.

Your brain is telling you stories about not-enough-ness and you need a cheerleader (aka me) to help shift your perspective.

You are craving connection to build community with like-minded women.

You have never sat in a women’s circle before and have no idea where to start, but have the desire to learn more.

You are more experienced, have attended or facilitated circles, and want to broaden your knowledge.

You want the business skills to establish a brand and effectively market your heart-centred biz.

You would love to create meaningful relationships and re-village, especially after the last few isolated years.

You long for a place where women can share stories, feel seen and heard, and watch the masks fall off.

You support women and mothers in your work and want to honour our rites of passages in ceremony.

I’ll show you how to lead your circles from an authentic place, following your passions, interests & intuition.


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One of the best investments I've made in my business!

– Aura and Soul Doula




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Previous Together Facilitators came from various backgrounds including;

Full time mothers

Doulas, midwives, nurses, birthworkers

Postpartum care professionals

Childbirth educators

Women’s health professionals such as physiotherapists, naturopaths

Somatic practitioners and bodyworkers

Perinatal mental health professionals

Writers, creatives, artists

Lactation consultants

Yoga and meditation teachers

Academics and researchers

Menstrual cycle educators and more.

What you learn through Together and through the practice of circle, can be applied to so many areas of your life and work.

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Women have told me that deep diving into circles has made them a better friend, partner, mother, lover and business owner.




I’ve never even sat in a women’s circle before, how can I facilitate them?

That’s okay. These practices are in your blood and bones and you don’t have to be perfect. Many women have completed Together and started facilitating circles without having the opportunity to attend them. Especially if they live regionally.

I have massive imposter syndrome and don’t think I know enough.

I hear you. This training will fill any knowledge gaps you have and I’m determined to help you feel more confident after you complete Together.  We will tackle the mind-fuckery of imposter syndrome because unfortunately far too many women struggle with this feeling. Also, if not you, then who?

I’m comparing myself with other facilitators. I don’t look, speak, act, or dress like they do.

I am passionate about encouraging women to access the wellspring of their own power within. I will remind you of your own gifts, and the fact that your unique qualities will make your circles authentic and interesting.

I don’t know if I am spiritual enough. What if I can’t hold rituals? I don’t understand anything about the moon phases, astrology, or *gasp* I haven’t even read Women Who Run with the Wolves.

No problem, I haven’t read that book either. The ALMIGHTY WOMEN’S CIRCLE GODDESS is not going to strike us down. I teach circle from a non-dogmatic perspective. You are enough. 

If I do this scary thing, will anyone actually show up to my circles?

That’s why I’ve designed this training to include business modules that will help you with marketing and selling in a way that doesn’t make you feel sick. It’s all well and good to know how to facilitate a circle, but I also want to support you to get women to come along!

I'm really busy, I’m not sure if I can manage to study.

I have made this training with busy women in mind. It is chunked down into bite size modules. It’s engaging and interlaced with storytelling. My hope is that you enjoy taking the time to yourself to move through Together. And with lifetime access, you can always return to the materials. Many facilitators tell me that they dip and dive into the content, watching classes as preparation for their upcoming circles.

“I can’t afford it”

I get it. Sometimes it’s not going to be the right time. I trust you will make the right decision for you. If you are worried about the investment, I believe in this training so much that I’ve included a money back guarantee within 14 days of purchase. I’ve also designed Together to include business modules, because I want you to be able to create supplementary income from your circles and get paid for doing work you love.

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Look, I already know you are fucking phenomenal! 

rachael rose mother mentor

I’m not here to convince you of your inadequacies. The vision I hold is women feeling more powerful, not less.

I’m here to kickstart your confidence and provide support so you do the damn thing!

You can keep thinking and dreaming about running circles, or you can start. 

Uncovering your magic as a circle facilitator will create ripple effects that flow onto your relationships and your experience of being a woman in this world. 

Can you quiet down all the “what if’s”, to consider that women’s circles just might change your life too?


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Rachael sets a benchmark for all of us and the way we offer things to the world. There's so much integrity, generosity, honesty, heart and passion behind Together.
rosie ricketson rach rose testimonial
Rosie Ricketson
Community Organiser, Creative Producer
Rachael’s circle work seems effortless, although I know the reality of what goes on behind the scenes. If you're thinking of holding space for others, you would be remiss not to complete Together. Her wisdom is immense.
eleanor lambert rach rose testimonial
Eleanor Lambert
Doula, Women’s Health Physiotherapist
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The Herstory
& the Now

  • What are women’s circles and why do they feel so good?
  • Creating community and re-villaging
  • Healing through storytelling
  • Sister Wounds
  • The Wheel of Life

The Heart & Art
of Holding Space

  • What exactly is holding space?
  • Sharing boundaries and guidelines
  • Safety considerations
  • Being a trauma-informed facilitator
  • Scope of practice

Owning Your Magic

  • Self-inquiry
  • Your WHY, passion & values
  • Perfectionism
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Building confidence
  • Energy management
  • Self care strategies

Setting the Scene

  • Venue logistics
  • Creating an altar
  • Enriching the sensory experience
  • Auspicious dates

The Circle Itself

  • Structure vs flow
  • Themes, topics and guiding questions
  • Crafting rituals and activities
  • Closing a circle

Heart Centred Business

  • Money stories and martyrdom
  • Pricing your circles
  • Promoting your circles
  • The rollercoaster ride of running events
  • Systems and processes
  • Facilitating circles online
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rachael rose snake azure rgb

Special Guest Masterclasses

Jane Hardwicke Collings

Women's Mysteries Teacher, Founder of the School of Shamanic Womancraft

jane hardwicke collings headshot together masterclass

Living with the Seasons and Cycles

Maha Al Musa

Birth and Sex Educator, Founder of EmbodyBirth and Bellydance Birth

maha al musa headshot together masterclass

Guiding Women Back to their Bodies

Aimee Aroha

Holistic Counsellor, Transpersonal Birth Mentor

aimee aroha headshot together masterclass

Decolonising & Reclaiming Ancestral Living

Dr Sophie Brock

Motherhood Studies Sociologist, The Good Enough Mother Podcast

dr sophie brock headshot together masterclass

The Anger Guilt Trap in Motherhood

Amy Pearson


sun mother studio amy pearson headshot sq

Creating Your Own Magnetic Brand

Rebecca Cameron

Intuitive Coach, Sacred Women's Work Facilitator

bec cameron headshot together masterclass

Trauma Informed Space Holding

Edwina Masson

Composer, Singer, Looping Artist, Teacher.

edwina masson headshot together masterclass

The Medicine of Music & Singing

Siobhan Delaney

Shamanic Midwife of the Soul

siobhan delaney headshot together masterclass

Shamanic Drumming & Journey Work

Special Bonus


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Facilitating Mother Blessing Ceremonies




$799 AUD



$88 AUD


A huge range of facilitation skills

Confidence, clarity and purpose

The ability to safely hold space for others

Cheerleading to overcome imposter syndrome

The chance to embody your authentic self

The reminder to facilitate circles guided by your interests and intuition

Business modules that will set your circles up for success

The opportunity to create supplementary income & get paid for doing work you love


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I’ve been a women’s circle facilitator for 5 years and have run over 100 circles in that time, learning a shitload along the way. I’m passionate about debunking circle stereotypes, showing women that they don’t have to pretend to be someone they are not. 

I also have a background in communications, marketing, event management, and business mentoring – which I bring to this training. 

I don’t want to teach you facilitation skills and leave you high and dry when it comes to promoting your events.

Over 300 women have trusted me to teach them about women’s circles so far and I know that once you come out the other side of Together, EVEN IF YOU HAVE NEVER SAT IN CIRCLE BEFORE, you will feel confident and inspired.

rachael rose starburst glow rgb
rachael rose starburst glow rgb

I am a cheerleader of women, and I believe in you.



andy together testimonial in blue dress

Rachael's obsession with celebration and ritual and her push for connection were integral to me finding my way back to myself. I have learned radical self love through this work.

– Andy

She is a patriarchy smasher and champion of women.

– Sinead

sinead lehane rach rose testimonial
phoebe rach rose testimonial

Rachael brings passion and vitality to the knowledge she's imparting. It doesn't feel like being taught but more a passing on of an innate wisdom.

– Phoebe

Money Back Guarantee

I want you to love the training and be 100% happy with your purchase. I’m proud to offer a money back guarantee.If you are not satisfied with the course, you may request a refund within 14 days of purchasing.

Do I need to have a business?

Together is for women who:

Want to start circles for their own personal growth and healing

Plan on running free circles for their community

Have established businesses and want to add circles, creating more avenues for heart-led offerings

Start a completely new business or passion project and create supplementary income

Are a birth worker wanting to move away from the intensity of on-call life, but want to continue to support mothers

Want to understand the principles and practices of circles, deepening their skillset in a service-based/client-facing business

In a nutshell, this training is for both personal and professional development.

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This is women’s wisdom that will spark curiosity and inspiration in many areas of your life.

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If you want to run circles as part of your business, I have got you covered.

Not only do I teach the facilitation and space holding skills necessary to hold beautiful circles, I cover the nitty gritty of pricing, promoting and selling spots to your events.


rachael rose together womens circle offering

Rachael holds such a beautiful, safe but fucking down to earth space that is refreshing and validating.

– Michelle

Rachael is present and curious, wickedly funny, wise and engaging. Her energy leaves you wanting more! I can't get enough of her women's circles, the wisdom of stories shared and everything she brings to my world

– Tanya

tanya together testimonial
rachael rose together womens circle essential oils

Rachael holds circle with such tender love, care and deep listening. I always come away feeling seen and heard.

– Claire

Fabulously Asked Questions


No, there is no formal accreditation attached and I have consciously chosen to remain independent. If you finish all of the classes you will receive a certificate of completion, as well as a completion badge to use on your website and social media.

Together is a self-paced training that you can join any time.

There are 8 hours of pre-recorded video classes and downloadable written material that you can complete at your own pace.

All core videos have the option of being watched with captions.

There are also 8 pre-recorded guest masterclasses to motivate and inspire you in your circle practice.

I teach circle from a non-religious, non-dogmatic perspective. I am focused on sharing the foundations of circle principles, so you can apply them to your own spiritual lens, passions, interests and cultural background. Above anything, my circles are about connection and story sharing.

For both women who want to start a circle for personal enrichment / development, to those who will be adding women’s circles to their new or established business. 


If you have a business, you might be a birth or postpartum doula, midwife, childbirth educator, menstrual cycle educator, perinatal mental health professional such as a counselor or therapist, women’s health professional such as a physio or naturopath, yoga and meditation teacher, creative artist or writer. You may also already hold women’s circles and want to extend your knowledge and skill set.

It can be scary to take the leap and do something new, outside of your comfort zone or to step into your magic and fully own it. I did 10 nervous poops before my first circle. I can still remember how I felt the first 20 times I held a circle. Sometimes I get nervous even now. I can guarantee you will leave this training feeling more confident than you did when you started but that doesn’t mean you won’t be uncomfortable the first few times you facilitate. Having nervous feelings makes us human.

I will personally respond to any comments and questions within the training and love to support students as they work towards starting their circles.

If you would like 1:1 support outside of this, please email me at ra*****@ra*********.au to discuss mentoring opportunities, at an additional investment.

Lifetime access. Return to the course materials as much as you need.

Please ensure you have read through this page thoroughly and are able to commit to the hours involved in the training, and have the available funds to join.

I want you to love the training and be 100% happy with your purchase.  I’m proud to offer a money back guarantee.If you are not satisfied with the course, you may request a refund by emailing ra*****@ra*********.au within 14 days of purchasing, and I will refund you.

This is 100% online and hosted through the course platform Podia.

You will be asked to create a login with an email and password.

No. Together is a self-paced training that you can complete from anywhere in the world. 

If you can dedicate 1 hour per week, you will finish the core component of Together in 8 weeks.

The training is chunked down into smaller parts (no video is over 20 minutes in length), and you can come back to it time and time again.

The aim is to feel accomplished, even when you only manage to watch one 10 minute class a day.

The pre-recorded 8 guest masterclasses are an additional 8 hours of content. They are not compulsory to complete.

Consider these classes your ongoing professional development and an opportunity to deepen your circle knowledge.

No. Please note that I use mother-centered language and talk about motherhood, running a business as a mother and have a focus on motherhood based rites of passages. I have received feedback from other women who are childfree – that this course remained engaging and relevant to them, especially if their work supports mothers.

You are absolutely welcome! No circle experience necessary, this training is for beginners to those that want to deepen their circle practice. 

Previous Together Facilitators have started their own after completing this course, without ever sitting in a circle before then.

Yes. I am passionate about supporting women in business and have mentored 100+ women in this capacity. I consider the emotional, practical and spiritual impact of running a business and infuse this perspective into the training. I have included the most important things to know when it comes to adding circles to your professional offerings.

There’s a vast range of possibilities! You can run weekly or monthly circles. You can apply circle principles and run larger scale workshops or retreats. 

As a guide, some years I have earned $2,000, and others I’ve earned $20,000 extra income from running circles – depending on my capacity and how frequently I hold them. It does vary and I don’t want to promise the financial aspect, as everyone’s businesses will be different. 

I would hope that you would see the return on your course investment within 5 circles. This is a guide and not a guarantee. Of course, the supplementary income of circles is just one benefit of doing this training.

There is a place within Together where you can introduce yourself and share contact details.

Under every class you can leave comments, ask questions and interact with other participants.

Previous students have connected externally on social media, and some have collaborated and co-facilitated circles with each other, which I encourage!

There is no additional online group (like a Facebook page) to join. Conversations are welcome within the training itself.

Yes, I have allocated a percentage of enrolments for scholarship and subsidised positions.


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Join today and facilitate transformative circles where women can talk, sing, laugh, dance, cry, share stories, and come home to themselves.


All my stories about what women's circles were and who they were for, stopped the first time I attended one. Hearing raw, vulnerable, real words; I was completely present and held in this shared space. Like that delicious feeling of floating in a calm ocean. Floating on the words of women that resonated deeply with me - that comforted and supported me - "I am not alone, I am not the only one".
jen testimonial together


Remind women that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings.

Give women a chance to get out of their heads and into their bodies.

Help mothers co-regulate with other women, providing respite from always co-regulating their children.

Support women to strengthen their intuition, trust themselves and make decisions outside of the norm.

It’s a big fucking deal.


sophie may together testimonial

" I couldn't recommend it more! Together is eye-opening, I only wish it was around a few years ago when I first started facilitating circles. The way Rachael teaches is funny, informative and REAL."

– Sophie May

"I got a massive confidence boost from Rachael! She gave support and encouragement to bring circles to my community in a way that feels really authentic to me. I had others notice this energy shift that had happened as I was working through the training. Every time imposter syndrome pops up, I dip back into the training and I hear Rachael's words and off I go again.

– Erin

erin bailey testimonial together
rachael rose together womens circle flowers womb woman

"Thank You for being such an amazing role model and for your trust and cheerleading . My first circle was today and it was glorious. So much emotion, so many tears, laughter, food and hugs."

– Elise

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Let’s spread 10,000 women’s circles like wildfire!

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