Ep 19: Navigating Motherhood, Business and The Millennial Trifecta with Madeline McKenzie

In this conversation with Madeline McKenzie, you’ll hear us discuss:

  • Madeline’s story that lead her to start her therapy and coaching business whilst on maternity leave
  • Navigating motherhood and business
  • How Madeline deals with criticism / comments when her reels go viral
  • How she got clear on her messaging and key audience
  • The benefits of running a launch and Madeline’s version of success 
  • The triggering side of launching something new
  • Perfectionism and tools to heal and work through it
  • What The Millennial Trifecta is
  • How The Millennial Trifecta shows up in motherhood

All of my parts feel like my life is threatened, with this comment from a stranger. My body thinks that a bear is about to attack. I find it super helpful to go outside, I've got a medicine ball and I connect with that urge to run away. I literally slam that ball as hard as I can and just help to mobilise the fight, flight energy that's telling me that something really life threatening is about to happen. So that has really helped me, rather than just going straight to calming.

madeline mckenzie

Perfectionists becoming mothers is just a whole thing on its own. You're so used to placing your value in tangible outcomes and getting external validation. The shift to motherhood with no control can be a real unraveling for mothers, where they feel like failures because they are desperately trying to control and burn out because they're trying to control the uncontrollable


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