Ep 18: Navigating a plus sized pregnancy, powerful caesarean birth and postpartum care with Steph O-Brien

In this beautiful conversation with Stephanie O’Brien  Steph shares about what it’s like to enter the maternity system as a plus size person, and the kind of treatment you may or may not receive. We also talk about postpartum care, doula work, business in motherhood, which includes creating an online course.

You’ll hear us discuss:

  • Steph’s personal experience of navigating her own plus size pregnancies 
  • The challenges plus size people may face in the current maternity care system
  • Steph’s birth plan for her elective ceaearean 
  • Steph’s positive and healing ceasarean and love bubble
  • How motherhood and being in business looks for Steph
  • Steph’s program BMI is Bullshit, the resources included and feedback

From the beginning of my care at the hospital, I said, I'm, I'm not stepping on a scale. I don't want to talk about my weight. That's my rules and my boundary. And they were respectful of that, which was great, but the whole experience in and of itself still wasn't perfect in terms of the way I was treated because of my size.

Stephanie O'Brien

Don't expect to become a six figure business owner in two days. or at all. Building a business takes so much time and there might be people where it's a lot quicker, but we don't know their circumstances. The reality is it can take years before you can rely on your business as your sole source of income and that's okay. That doesn't mean you're failing, doesn't mean you're not a real doula, or whatever your profession is. That is the reality of business, keep doing it if you love it.


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