I am a Wollongong Dynamo Doula hell-bent on bringing down toxic birth culture and supporting women to reconnect to their resilience and strength. Welcome.

Hi, I’m Rachael Rose. Inquisitive doula, caretaker in the garden of compassion, grower of humans.

Consider me your pregnancy, birth and early-parenting coach, counsellor and confidante all rolled into one.

I am a sensitive soul with a wicked sense of humour and a fiery passion for all things birth rights, social justice, women’s empowerment, healing trauma and radical self acceptance.

I want to revolutionise all the ways we honour mothers and babies during pregnancy, birth and in the postpartum period, treating these incredible transformations with the reverence they deserve.

I create safe and supportive spaces for women to come undone, and then to come home to their own bodies and boundaries in order to birth, breastfeed and raise babies in their full vulnerability and strength.

I’ll help you find that voice inside that wants to shout not now, or NO, to your friends, family or your care-providers.

A positive, pleasurable and empowered birth and a calm, connected and compassionate postpartum experience, don’t simply happen by accident.

They require you to fully step into your personal power, digging deeper than you ever have before, all with the support of a loving and safe witness who is there to worship you along the way.

As you bring your baby onto your chest and then to your breast, I know you will feel cherished, connected, seen and heard by me.

I believe in birth.

I believe in your body.

I believe in your baby.

You are both the experts. There is wisdom deep within, an inner knowing, a source of spirit. I want to help you resurface it and reclaim it with conviction

As your doula, I am here to guide you, gently nudging you back to your instinct and intuition in a world that continually tries to rob you of this gift.

I want you to take up space, make some noise. Dance, sing, stomp and roar your baby earthside, and enjoy yourself while doing it!

Once your beautiful baby is born, you too will be reborn as a new mother (whether it’s your first baby or your fifth).  I then have the honour of walking alongside you as you navigate your wild and wonderful new world.

Planting seeds ripe with silent power.

Fertilising the womb of earth’s grand potential.

Pioneering a new way of birth for a brave new kind of mother.


Curious to in charge

Meek to owning your marvel

Disbelief to standing proud

Black thumb to bearer of fruit

Consider me your pregnancy, birth and early-parenting coach, counsellor and confidante all rolled into one.

Motherhood Metamorphosis Support

I am a Dynamo Doula here to radically support you on your motherhood metamorphosis.

I want my doula love and care to be life-changing for you in as many ways as possible. I want you to feel respected and connected, and I want to set your family up to thrive.

This means that we can start working together from the beginning of your tender transformation, when you first discover you are pregnant, right up until the magical and messy months after your beautiful baby is born, and you are reborn too.


Words of love

Rachael’s support in the days and weeks after my baby was born will always be remembered. After experiencing a long traumatic labour, Rachael was the first person to come see me at hospital. She sent my partner home to rest and stayed by my side the whole day, holding my baby when I slept and recovered. I have Rachael to thank for being able to successfully breastfeed my baby since day one.

Rachael saw me at my most vulnerable and exposed, offering gentle encouragement and kind words and when I felt emotional or overwhelmed. She made me feel safe, supported and loved. I will forever thank her for helping me become the mum I am today.

Karen Eriksen

Pioneering a new way of birth for a brave new kind of mother.

Let's work together!

If you feel like I may me the right doula for you and you are ready to invest in a life-changing relationship - please get in touch!

Rachael Rose

Wollongong, Australia

E: rachael@rachaelrose.com.au

M: 0451 372 626

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I live and work in Wollongong, on Yuin & Dharawal Country. I sincerely pay my respects to the Wadi Wadi people and their Elders past, present and emerging. This always was, and always will be Aboriginal land.

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