Doula Your Dreams
Business mentorship


Doula Your Dreams is a 12-month business mentorship that sees your unique gifts and honours your humanity. 

This is a place where you can work towards a big and bold vision, while feeling held by me and a community of other women in business.

This is a program for the whole-you.

The woman. The mother. The creative. The business owner.

It is about stretching outside your comfort zone and overcoming fears, releasing new offerings, increasing your prices, starting a new project – but it is not about scaling your biz at all costs. Your mental, physical and emotional health impacts your business and I want sustainability to be at the forefront of your growth.

Doula Your Dreams includes group coaching calls, a space to ask ongoing questions and get feedback on your work, plus me calling you out on your deeply ingrained stories and encouraging you to try new scary shit.

I can’t wait to send you champagne emojis and excited messages when you’ve done the damn thing.

When you look around and exclaim, HOLY HELL, I DID IT!

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What's included?


Written and released a children's book and sold hundreds of copies

Created online classes and built out longer form courses for the first time

Booked out women's circles, classes and retreats

Built new websites from scratch

Updated pricing and packages and booked clients at new prices

Had biggest income months since starting their business

Hired first support team member

Started to use social media and email marketing in a strategic way

Engaged in a lot of reflection, inner work and personal expansion

There have been so many little and big celebrations!


Who is this for?

Women and mothers who run service based businesses in the arena of supporting other women and mothers.

You have an established business that has been running for at least 2 years and have experience working with clients and offering your services.

 You have generated at least $10,000 in sales since starting your business and are looking to increase your income to consistent $5k – $10k months.

 If you are not quite at this place – but still want to be involved – reach out and let’s chat!

What kind of business suits this mentorship?

You’re a birth or postpartum doula, childbirth educator

motherhood support or educator

menstrual cycle educator,

perinatal mental health professional,

women’s circle facilitator,

women’s health professional such as physio, naturopath, bodyworker,

yoga and meditation teacher, 

podcaster, course creator, life coach,

creative artist or writer.

Something else and not sure? Please ask!

Do I need to be a mother?

While this mentorship is not specifically for mothers, please note that my work is mother-centred and mostly attracts mothers. As a result, conversations in relation to business, often include the context of being a mother. This includes the impact of sleep (or lack thereof), the time and energy pressures, childcare, the mother / maker juggle and the social influence and constructs  of motherhood. Babies and children are welcome in the background of our calls (although mine are with their dad).

Do I need to work online?

It is preferred that at least a part of your business is based online or you want to transition to this space. While I have in-person aspects to my own business and love them, I am passionate about supporting women to diversify income streams with online offerings.

Perhaps one of your goals for the year, is to create an epic online course. This mentorship will be fabulous to keep you on track and ready to launch!

Why is it a 12 month commitment?

If you want to see the true benefits of business mentorship, it’s based on the long-game.  

The longer time frame of this program allows the development of trust, deeper relationships between the women in the group and it also acknowledges the realistic journey of being a small business owner. I am not promising that you will scale to six figures in 6 seconds. 12 months gives you TIME to work towards your goals.

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for absolutely brand new businesses. This group is for those that have a few years experience under their belt and want to take it to the next level. 

DYD is also not for businesses that are bricks and mortar, or product based ONLY (sorry, not my zone of genius!)

This mentorship is also not for those that need hand holding in every aspect. A level of self responsibility and determination is required in a group mentorship program. Of course I will be there to support you, but I cannot run your biz for you. 

key dates

We begin in January 2025 with your first 1:1 60 minute call where you can share your business dreams and plant the beautiful seeds of the year ahead. 

You will get 3 more of these sessions across the 12-months, where we can work 1:1 together on specific offerings or launches.

As a group, we start in February.

We will gather in virtual circle as a group 16 times throughout the year, with 12 calls facilitated by Rachael, and 4 calls with guest presenters (to be advised, based on the needs of the group). 

There are integration breaks scheduled over the NSW school holidays. 

You can ask questions of Rachael and the collective in our private Facebook group on a weekly basis. 

Every month there is an opportunity to submit website / content or sales page copy for feedback. 



$4,400 AUD

Increases to $4,700 after early bird



$315 AUD


Charlotte Squires

This holistic style of mentorship has sent ripple effects out into my life that I will be forever grateful for.

Rachael leads and hold space in such a natural way. Her humour, creative mind and ability to see the big vision oh-so-clearly makes her an asset on any small business owner's team.

– Charlotte Squires of The Living Doula, Doula Your Dreams & 1:1 Mentoring

Rach was the cheerleader, colleague, soundboard, practical-advice-giver, solidarity sister and wise woman that I've needed in my biz. It's lonely being out on your own! She has so much knowledge and experience in sustainably building a line (or multiple lines) of impact and income, balancing this with motherhood, opting out of hustle and grind culture yet getting shit done and not sabotaging yourself. Her empathy and compassion allow her to be with you in the muddiness, and her foresight helps you to move through it at your own pace with a sense of hope and determination. She's believed in my vision as much as I have, and held it for me when I've needed to take a little break. At first, the investment felt like a stretch - I didn't know how I was going to make it happen. But I did, and with the work I've created with Rach's support, my investment has been made back multiple times. To be cliche, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner! Having her alongside me as I've moved through big growth phases (both "in" and "on" my business) has been game changing!
karli smith
Karli Smith, 1:1 Mentoring
When I joined DYD I was searching for the support I needed to get momentum in my business. I was feeling stuck in multiple areas and was really craving someone to spitball with, who understood my craft. I was very close to not taking the leap back in November last year as it was a big financial investment for me at the time. I was fearful that the investment would take too much of a toll on me and my family. I worked through those money stories and fully committed and I am so glad I did. I feel that the work I have done with Rach within DYD has set me up on a new trajectory within my business (and hallelujah it's not towards burnout). Rach has been helpful in supporting me to clarify and define how the diversity in my offerings makes sense to my audience. She has been validating of my multi passionate nature and has helped me to shape my offerings in a way that feels aligned to me as a woman, mother and creative. From highs and lows in my business this year, Rach has been there with me through it all. Offering gentle and kind support, the best kind of pep talks and a generosity of spirit that has taken my breath away at times.
Charlotte Squires
Charlotte Squires, Doula Your Dreams & 1:1 Mentoring


As an experienced women’s circle facilitator, my skill set lies in deep listening and reflection, being with women during times of huge transformation and allowing women to find clarity for themselves.

My life’s purpose is bringing people together, and facilitating groups who can connect, collaborate and learn from each other.

Being an entrepreneur is a big deal and my mentorship aims to provide the practical and emotional support of a business doula, loads of personal insights that will save you time and money from making the same mistakes I did, and the ability to grow alongside others on a similar path.. 

You don’t have to do this entrepreneur journey alone. 


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doula your dreams will keep you accountable and inspired to keep going, even when it’s FUCKING hard. dedicate 2025 to your business and see what magic unfolds. 

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I’ll remind you that you are strong and capable, especially when your brain is telling you otherwise, like after tricky client interactions, or the rite of passage that is your first refund request.


I’ll help you review your business, systems and structures, with longevity in mind. 


AKA don’t hustle and grind until you burn out. 


I want you to make HEAPS of money doing work that you LOVE. But this mentorship is not following any kind of formula or cut, copy and paste kind of mentality. 


In saying that, if you have a course you want to launch and you have a big bodacious money goal, then doing this within a mentorship is an amazing idea.


I see potential in every woman I have ever worked with. I can often visualize where their business is heading in the future, and I mentor from that place of excitement and possibility. 


Being a solo entrepreneur can get lonely. Creating and birthing ideas and then asking other humans to actually back and buy them, can be a total mind fuck. 


Overcoming imposter syndrome, self doubt and comparison – a lot of people get stuck in transition and it can be very overwhelming without someone whispering into your ear that you’ve got this. 


Just like in birth, sometimes we need to walk through fire to return with our babies, and I am not promising that my presence in your life, will make the labour effortless. 


Going through challenges in the company of other women, simply feels better. 


That’s why I have structured this mentorship as an intimate group of women in business who are growing their businesses too.



You realise you are not alone. In your thinking. In your fears. In your tears. In your triumphs. 

We can all learn and grow alongside each other. I am going to be doing this work with you too!

Gain the inside pass to 12 other women’s businesses, the collective wisdom, shared resources, the mistakes and monumental milestones. This kind of insight is invaluable. 

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What DO women say about business mentorship

Doula Your Dreams has been the best thing I've done for not only my business but for my soul.

Sitting with these other women all doing different things but also having so many similarities is so needed in sole trading work.

– Nicole-Ann, Doula Your Dreams 

Having Rachael's wisdom and sage advice at my fingertips has been invaluable

Working as a solopreneur can be lonely and filled with self doubt, and I'm so grateful that I've had Rach in my corner for her help and moral support, plus a side of calling out my bullshit Literally would not/could not have launched Cook and Cocoon without Rachael cheering me on and supporting me practically. It has been months of talking with her about this, and her doula-ing me through. Reminding me: I can do hard things! I can't recommend her support highly enough.

– Naomi Chrisoulakis, 1:1 Mentoring

naomi chrisoulakis postpartum doula
Jaime Hawkins

Will Forever Recommend This Offering To My Mama Friends In Business.

Rachael is a wealth of knowledge and experience, but also empathy, kindness and humbleness. I felt so seen and supported.

– Jaime Hawkins, Mothers In Business Circle

Rachael Is The Business Doula Every Woman Needs.

She facilitates beautiful and enriching spaces and is so honest, funny and engaging.

– Lou Hardwick, Mothers In Business Circle

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I wanted to better my understanding of what heart led, mother centred business could look like. And to have the support of a group of other women going through similar things in their businesses. The accountability was important for me, to keep me accountable for the studying I was doing, for diversifying my offerings, which was a big goal for me. My confidence has sky rocketed this year and it continues to grow.

– Katie O'Neill, Doula Your Dreams


There’s so much trial and error and necessary learning to be had in business, and most of us don’t get to skip this messy part.

It’s important you know that I can’t guarantee any absolutes in your return on investment with Doula Your Dreams, because ultimately, I don’t run your business. 

What I can guarantee is that I am always learning and committed to growth as a mentor and group facilitator. 

I am deeply passionate about other women in businesses feeling seen and supported.

I run my business in a mother-centric way, honouring both the importance of how we care for children, as well as nurturing the creative dreams and passions of mothers outside of motherhood. 

I want women to be able to create freedom and flexibility in their lives, through their businesses. 

I am generous with my time and energy and all the ways that I show up for my clients, and I am going to be invested in YOU.

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The work that I have done within DOULA YOUR DREAMS has set me up on a  new trajectory within my business (and hallelujah its not towards burnout)!


I have scaled my business slowly and sustainably over the last 5 years, while being sleep deprived and focused on raising my babies.

With a background in marketing and communications, doula support and women’s circle facilitation, I have a broad range of skills and an endless well of creativity, that I love to share with my clients.

I run an online course called Together: Women’s Circle Facilitator Training which has seen over 300 people join, as well as host a podcast called Together with Rachael Rose which explores rites of passage stories in life, motherhood and business. 

I mentor other mothers who want to grow their businesses, without sacrificing their values and pretending like their family doesn’t exist.

I live on the NSW South Coast, in the Milton/Ulladulla region with my partner of 11 years and our two children who we homeschool, which is possible because of my business!

Fabulously Asked Questions


Doula Your Dreams is an online group business mentorship program.

There are 16 live calls/circles which will be recorded and available for replay if you cannot make it live. 

Due to the intimate nature of this program, it is ideal if you can attend 75% of the sessions live. 

Calls are uploaded to the course platform Podia.

There is a private Facebook group to connect in between calls, ask questions, share resources, celebrate wins and get guidance around challenges. 

I am totally invested and involved in this group. 

You will receive 4 x 1:1 60 minute strategy calls with me over the year. 

I will facilitate 12 of the group calls, and be on the 4 guest calls as well. 

I will be answering questions and sharing resources within the private Facebook group on a weekly basis.

Every month, you can submit copy/packages for review, and I will provide feedback.

I’ll be thinking about Doula Your Dreams and how I can support everyone for a huge chunk of my life across the year! As in, I’ll be thinking of you before I fall asleep, not to creep you out or anything haha. 


No. You have the ability to ask written questions via the private Facebook group.

If you would like individual 1:1 text and voice messaging support, there is the option to upgrade and add a Voxer package. This would be an additional $2,000 for the year and would allow you to message back and forth for 10 hours across the 12 months. 

Email me at ra*****@ra*********.au if you would like to add the Voxer support. There are only 5 upgrades available.

Please ensure you have read through this page thoroughly and are able to commit to the dates and times, and have the available funds to join.

As this is a year-long commitment and there are only 12 spaces available, if you sign up, a spot has been allocated to you and someone else missed out. 

Refunds are not available except as per Australian Consumer Law (if the program has not been delivered how it was represented). 

Refunds are not available for change of mind or circumstances.

If you join on a payment plan, it is a commitment to complete this in full.


Calls are hosted on Zoom.

Replays are uploaded to Podia.

You will be asked to create a login with an email and password to access them.

Private group is on Facebook. 

Yes, there are 16 live calls across the year (scroll back up to see dates). Ideally you would be able to attend at least 75% live, catching the rest on replay. 

There are two subsidised positions available.

Please email ra*****@ra*********.au to request an application.


rachael rose together womens circle offering

" Thanks for encouraging me to feel into my power. You really are a one of a kind mentor Rach. Appreciate you and your real life approach to motherhood and biz and all you share.

– Katie O’Neill, Doula Your Dreams

"You were super generous with your time, energy, knowledge , experience and reflections. Thanks for answering my question so thoughtfully. I've got lots of takeaways bubbling in my brain - to value my mothering, to rest, and that I can still follow what is very much alive for me work wise while honouring the family season I am in. Slow and steady! It's left me feeling an ease and peace with where I am at right now. Your work matters and resonates!

– Lauren, Building A Biz, Raising Babies Class

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rachael rose together womens circle flowers womb woman

"I really value your positive and woman centred approach to business. Thank you so much for this incredible lesson, sharing wisdom and practical information. This is INCREDIBLY GENEROUS of you to share so much like this. I'm grateful.

– Julia, Building A Biz, Raising Babies Class


Read the stuff I’m too scared to share publicly on social media. 
Become a part of my inner circle.

“Thanks for keeping it real with honesty and humour!”