You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Facilitate Women’s Circles

Rachael Rose

You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Facilitate Women’s Circles

Maybe you’ve got this idea that in order to facilitate circles and hold space for other people, that you need to be perfect.

Or “fully healed”, whatever that means.

Or have no drama happening, whatsoever in your life.

Or no children.

Let me tell you this, I have facilitated circles when struggling with my own mental health.

I have facilitated circles when sleep deprived.

I have facilitated circles when I’ve left a sad toddler, and come back to the same noise and chaos after circle.

I say all of the above AND *I take the responsibility of holding space very seriously*

I aim to create spaces where women feel safe to share big stories.

And the feedback that I receive is that I do this really well.

So how?!

⭕️ I don’t come to circle to process my own stuff. Yes, I share stories but I do this from a healed scar, vs an open wound.

⭕️I regularly seek support and space holding from other people (and circles) so I can show up for this role.

⭕️ I shake off my shit, and anchor in with micro rituals and practices before I lead circles. I sing the same song, I set intentions, I breathe, dance or move however I need to.

⭕️ I have clearly expressed boundaries and guidelines during the circle so that women know what to expect, and we can go deep without it feeling like a disregulated mess.

⭕️I am aware of my own biases, trigger points and what I need to do after a circle if something has been activated in me.

Even if that means a very imperfect self care process, that includes my children climbing over me, or having my non-negotiable 10 minutes shower before bed, to wash away the circle and let go of what I don’t need to keep anymore.

Women can hold space for hard things – and we need to take care of ourselves too.

👉🏻 I talk about all of this and more in my circle facilitator training, Together! It’s okay to be a human and lead circles!


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