What Tech Do I Use In My Business?

Rachael Rose, Business Mentorship

What Tech Do I Use In My Business?

Here’s a list of the software that I use to support my business.

I want things to make my life easier, not give me a tech headache – so they’re all pretty intuitive and easy to use.


💻 Asana – day to day project management + bigger goals.

This is my business brain. It has every random idea I have, as well as tasks, templates, deadlines and general biz processes. 

If I was starting again? I’d use Notion but I am in too deep with Asana now.

💻 Jotform – I securely send my podcast release and consent forms, gather guest bios and photos in the one place, as well as contracts that need an e-signature.


💻Podia – The platform that changed the game for me. I sell courses, classes and all my circles through this site.

I also run my affiliate program through here.

💻Convertkit – Email marketing software that has segmentation and automated sequences I can set up.

I spent hours researching and decided this was the best one for me when I switched from Mailchimp (which is super expensive now!)

I’m sad CV doesn’t have really beautiful templates (honestly they’re a pain in the ass) but the analytics are great.

It also talks / integrates with Podia though there are some kinks I’m ironing out.

If you’re after pretty plus decent functionality – Flodesk was my second choice.

💻Zoom – for hosting calls and classes. For running podcast interviews.

💻Buzz sprout – Podcast hosting and distribution.

💻Calendly – for scheduling podcast interviews, 1:1 mentoring sessions so I don’t have to go back and forth on email. I have automated reminders to avoid extra admin and this eliminates no shows.

💻Voxer – communicating with business mentoring clients throughout the week. I have the paid version so I can save messages but I started with free.

💻Gsuite – my email addresses and business admin and documents are hosted here.

💻Xero – accounting and Bas submission. Amazing reporting.

💻Descript – podcast and video editing, transcription and captioning.

💻Canva Pro – for social media templates and tiles.

All up, I pay around $3,500 AUD annually on tech.


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