How Much Money Can You Make From Running Women’s Circles?

Rachael Rose, Women's Circle Facilitator

How Much Money Can You Make From Running Women’s Circles?

I’m a big fan of women making money for doing work they love.

Unfortunately, there is a societal expectation that women do shit for free, because we do.

We do the lionshare of care work (of children and of adults), domestic duties, volunteer work and we also get paid less than men, generally.

I am a doula, so I am well versed in the self-sacrificing and martyrdom rhetoric that comes with care professions, and the idea that women should provide care for free.

I can tell you, that’s a one-way ticket to burnout, and many doulas don’t make it beyond 3 years, because they do not charge enough for the effort and output of their work.

Women deserve to be paid for their work. Even when they love it.

Even when, in an ideal world, it would be provided by the community.

The same can be said for women’s circles.

Yes, I believe that we have always sat in circle and we would have facilitated circles for each other.

But…all of us live under capitalism and unless you can pay for groceries with love and light, money is the way we exchange energy.

Women’s circles also have the power to change lives, how fucking cool is it that we can provide these places of transformation AND get paid for it? It’s a win-win.

Facilitating circles is work. It takes time, energy and dedication.

And you can absolutely make money from this work.

What kind of money?

This is obviously variable, depending on a whole range of factors. I’m not a fan of false promises, but I do want to show you the possibility!

You can charge anywhere from free-$250pp for a women’s circle/workshop, depending on what the inclusions are, how long it goes for etc.

If you have capacity, you can run circles weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

You can create workshops or retreats or online programs that incorporate circle principles.

It is not a get rich quick scheme though. You may need to build your business up, establish relationships, get comfortable marketing your services etc. I never tell women to expect to sell out their circles from the first one. It takes time!

Here are some examples of what I have made from circles to give you an idea;

Actual dollar figures

In-person women’s circle (1 circle) with 10 attendees – $450

Mother Blessing ceremony (private circle) – $400

In-person women’s circle on body love (naked circle + life drawing) with 15 attendees – $1,050

In-person women’s circle workshop on body love (with professional photography involved) with 10 attendees – $2,400

In-person closed women’s circle (5 circles) with 12 attendees – $3,000

Online mothers circle (8 circles) – with 15 attendees – $5,400

Online mothers-in-business circle (12 circles) with 10 attendees – $7,600

Some years I have made an extra $2,000 (like in my second postpartum period), and others I have made $20,000+. I will always encourage you to have different streams of income and offerings, including circles!

Making money is just ONE of the benefits of becoming a women’s circle facilitator but it is an important one 

There is possibility! 

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