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Unfortunately I am unable to attend births until 2022. I want to fully commit to my clients, as birth is a once-in-a-lifetime sacred event. Being on call with a breastfed baby is not currently possible.

I also offer online or in-person (in Wollongong, NSW) pregnancy, birth and postpartum mentoring, support and processing packages. I've worked with women throughout Australia, the US, Canada and the UK so far.

From March 2021, I will be taking on a limited number of clients for this kind of mentoring. Consider me a digital doula, with a focus on witnessing women as they undertake the inner work that becomes very apparent during pregnancy, birth and motherhood. I have a particular interest in mentoring women who are having a homebirth after a hospital birth and want personalised information, emotional support and loving guidance on how to navigate a birth outside of the mainstream system.

Please email me at if you are interested in working with me.

As your doula, I am 100% in your corner throughout your pregnancy, labour and the tender time after you birth your baby, nurturing you, while you nourish another human. 

Together we will prepare for your birth and the monumental months after baby arrives. A birth plan is a great start, and freezing meals for the fourth trimester is a must, it is also vitally important you feel confident in yourself, your body, your voice, your human rights and your baby’s rights.

I’m here to remind you, above everything else YOU matter. YOUR BABY matters. YOUR BIRTH matters.

While birth can be unpredictable, it’s perfectly designed this way to initiate you into motherhood, which is wild and wonderful all the same.

Our work together will focus on releasing anxiety, relaxing into your body, trusting yourself, your instincts, your intuition and communicating with your baby, as well as surrendering to the great unknowns in waiting for a baby, birth and beyond. 

During your postpartum experience, you will be able to safely express your full feelings with me, however small or surreal they may seem. I want you to know it’s okay to feel ecstatic, enraged, joyful, devastated and blissed out beyond belief during this huge transition. It’s okay to feel it all in the one day, hell, even in the same hour!

It’s always more freeing and fun when you go on a rollercoaster with friends, right? So as you take that bumpy ride from maiden to mother, I’ll be with you, cheering you on, caring for you, loving you up and making you laugh.

I will remind you at each challenging moment of your new motherhood journey (whether it’s your first or fourth baby), just how capable and cherished you really are.

I customise all of my doula packages. Please contact me directly so we can chat about how I can support your specific needs and dream experience.

I also offer one-off and packages of pregnancy, birth or postpartum mentoring sessions, as well as birth and breastfeeding debriefing. These sessions are done via distance or in-person if you are local to Wollongong. You can book a video call below;



Motherhood Metamorphosis Support

Below you can read about some of the ways I will care for you throughout your pregnancy to motherhood rite of passage.




Do you currently feel overwhelmed or disconnected from your pregnancy?

Are you waiting for endless appointments and meeting a different face every single time?

Do you crave a deeper conversation than what your baby’s “due date” is, or what genitals they happen to have?

Are you fearful about the unknown of birth and don’t know where to begin?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I want to change that for you.

Instead of googling and receiving information overload, reach out to me for tailored resources.

Instead of crying alone when you’re feeling anxious about all of the body and mind changes you're experiencing, we can talk and cry together.

Want to complain in a safe space? Please, go right ahead, nothing you say will shock me.

Want to laugh, shout and then sob happy tears because you are so excited? I am here for it all and I will definitely sob along with you.

On top of ongoing phone and text connection, we will meet in person several times during your pregnancy to get to know each other, build trust, do deep work, plan for your birth and have lots of fun.

I am going to see you naked during your birth both physically and emotionally. You will be the most stripped back version of yourself, vulnerable, yet so damn powerful. It’s important you feel comfortable and safe with me. 

Once you’re in labour-land dancing with your baby in the stars, I will be a grounding presence nearby.


  • How to choose a care-model and care-provider based on your dream birth and unique needs
  • Childbirth education that is interesting and relevant to you and your partner (we’ll cover the physiology and psychology of birth, and more)
  • What comfort measures and coping strategies you can use during labour for pain relief
  • Why birth is painful with a purpose, and how your body and hormones are perfectly built to handle it
  • Birth planning that focuses on the physical, emotional and spiritual elements, as well as what you personally need to feel powerful
  • The raw, wild and even psychedelic qualities of birth as a force of nature
  • How to navigate the realities of a medicalised maternal health care system, understanding what your rights are, the risks vs benefits in decision making, how to advocate for yourself and your baby
  • Why birthing in a hospital can disrupt the physiological birth process and what extra considerations need to be made
  • Planning for your fourth trimester, setting you up with realistic expectations of newborn care and your own healing, as well as preparing to breastfeed
  • Debriefing any previous pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or postpartum experiences, especially if there is trauma



Close your eyes and imagine your dream birth.

Go on, take some big belly breaths and let your mind wander.



Can you visualise yourself, raw, powerful, embodying the goddess that you are?

I can.

I can see it so clearly.

As your doula, I will morph into whatever you need me to be and do, depending on how you are feeling during your labour.

I can’t give you an exact list of all the ways I will love you during your birth, because it’s going to change for each woman, moment to moment, every single time.

What I can tell you is that I am a quiet and steady presence. I’m gentle, but fierce when I need to be.

Reminding you to trust yourself. Trust your body. Trust your baby.

During your birth I will be there by your side, fully present to your needs, emotionally traffic controlling the space and worshipping you. I serve only you and your baby at the birth altar.

I already know I will be in awe of you as you moan and move and roar like a lioness while the energy of birth flows through you.

Rachael Rose


  • I might be a silent witness as I watch you instinctively find your own rhythm and ritual, or I may suggest different positions or to vocalise, dance or breathe to move your baby down
  • I may guide you to lean all the way into the pain to come out the other side in stillness or pleasure, or I might offer techniques to relieve discomfort and manage the sensations
  • I could be as quiet as a mouse, knowing you are deep in the work of birth and require silence in the room, or I may gently guide you through each surge with my voice
  • I might be completely hands off, or providing comforting touch and massage as a counterpoint

I won’t actually know what you will need exactly from me until we are there, crossing that threshold, in the liminal space of labour-land together.

What I want for you more than anything, is to birth in your power.

Calling in the courage and strength of every single woman who has gone before you.



Postpartum is a time of repairing, unravelling and rebirthing, and it requires much more support than most people plan for.

Too many women are starting their motherhood experience feeling isolated, overwhelmed, depressed and angry. I often hear women say “no one prepared me for this”, so I am making it my mission to change the conversation.

The fourth trimester is a tender, yet transformational time and this experience can have a huge impact on whether families flourish in the long term. A compassionately supported postpartum period can influence the ability of a mother and baby to deeply bond and attach, for breastfeeding to work well, and for partners to stay intimately connected.

The first year of your baby’s life is probably not the best time to start a new hobby or renovate your home. To bounce your body back (whatever that means). This sacred window of postpartum is an opportunity to be bold and brave with your boundaries, and to rebirth yourself.

We live in a capitalist society that tells parents they need to invest in stuff. The fancy cot, the expensive pram, the cute onesies. I call bullshit. SUPPORT is what all new mothers need.

I want to bring back a deep reverence for women’s bodies and their ability to grow, birth, heal, nourish and sustain life as they breastfeed.

I am here to look after YOU. To love you. To help you rest and recover, so you can do all of the things for your baby.

I won’t lie, caring for a newborn can be challenging. You are learning an entire new skill set completely on the job. The conditions aren’t optimal either, with a lack of sleep and a recovering body that doesn’t quite feel like your own. I’ll be there to encourage you and cheer you on.

The postpartum time can also be amazing. You’ll soften, becoming more vulnerable than ever. You are so open to love and overflowing with oxytocin. You’ll be overwhelmed and over the moon.

Our phone and text connection continues, so you can avoid googling incessantly like everyone else does. I am here to answer any questions you have, but also to remind you of how much you already know deep within.

Rachael Rose

During my home-visits I will always bring food, empathy, compassion and humour. There will be crying, laughing, hugging, foot and neck rubs, bath-running, baby-holding, attention and affection, delicious food, getting you out of the house for a walk and some sunshine, there’s no set prescription here. I will bring whatever medicine you need at the time.


  • A focus on rest and comfort, I will nurture and nourish you so you can nurture and nourish your baby
  • Eating home-cooked meals, connecting over conversation and cups of tea
  • Reassurance and guidance on infant care and how to tap into your instinct and intuition
  • Breastfeeding and baby-wearing support
  • An insight into biologically normal newborn and infant sleep and how to stay close and connected to your baby
  • Gentle sleep and settling advice including how to safely bedshare so you can sleep while breastfeeding
  • Debriefing your birth experience through talking, writing, creative expression and movement
  • Light house cleaning, childminding and play for older children

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I live and work in Wollongong, on Yuin & Dharawal Country. I sincerely pay my respects to the Wodi Wodi people and their Elders past, present and emerging. This always was, and always will be Aboriginal land.

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