Heart-centred Business Mentoring

With a decade worth of experience in communications, marketing and education, I've worked with many social enterprises, charities and female entrepreneurs. I've supported women in the budding stages of their business, to those in full bloom and running multi-million dollar companies with over twenty staff.

My focus has always been on women in business, as I am wildly passionate about driving profit and creating wealth for more women worldwide.

As I am first and foremost a doula, my approach to business mentoring is less about goal setting and smashing, and more on the emotional, spiritual and practical support required to build or grow a business, especially for those who are also parents to small children (meaning, you're taking on multiple full-time jobs).

It is not uncommon for my clients to have huge personal realisations, cry deeply, laugh loudly and make changes to how they work, with inspiring impact.

Topics we can cover;

  • Creating online offerings that increase flexibility and income
  • Effective social media use & the use of personal storytelling
  • Business challenges or celebrations
  • Self-care & self-worth strategies
  • Branding, marketing & communications 101
  • How to sell stuff without feeling sleazy
  • Blocks & boundaries in business
  • Developing packages & pricing (it's not as scary as you make it out to be!)
  • Self-sabotage, fears and not feeling good/smart/knowledgeable enough
  • The mother/maker business owner juggle (especially if you have babies or small children at home)

"Rachael, thank you for our call. I feel like a weight has lifted and I'm on drugs or something because I feel so high and light and I'm ready to start using social media to share and show my voice and passion".

I am available for one-off mentoring, in person or via distance video call. You can schedule and book our session below.

Every few months, I open up my books for group mentoring with 3-4 women in their first three years of business. These weekly video calls provide a wonderful opportunity to flesh out new ideas, services or launch strategies, chat about fears or blocks in your business, or simply gain some emotional support while riding the roller coaster of entrepreneurship. To go on the waitlist for the next round, get in touch.

"This coaching round was ace! Thank you so much for holding space for us and sharing your wisdom."

"Our group calls have been so supportive, uplifting and fun."

"Anyone considering this, absolutely do it! Rachael is so knowledgeable, warm and down right delightful."

For longer term mentorship, I am also available via retainer packages on a month-to-month basis. This kind of relationship is by application-only, as it's very important that we have aligned values. Prices will vary depending on level of support. Email me for more details. 


Client love

"I cannot begin to tell you what Rachael Rose does for my business and for my bank account, and for a heart and soul like mine. She doula's my vision every day. She is thinking of me and making decisions for me and losing sleep over me. It's a horrifying feeling to believe in someone so much because they're disturbingly clever, while wanting them to live in your pocket and work for you forever. Rachael's an angel to an Angel".

Angel Phoenix- Writer, Visionary & Motivational Speaker


"Rachael always has wisdom to share. I've come away from our business session feeling even more uplifted and excited about the direction of where my new services are going. Women supporting women in business is a beautiful thing and for Rachael it's not just money and marketing; it's love, passion, soul, ambition, dreams and direction".

Trudy Legaudi - Full Spectrum Doula


"My session with Rachael was the catalyst to some big and beautiful changes. She helped me see everything I have accomplished in the last 4 years and possible future avenues. I finally took the plunge to put together a pelvic floor wellness workshop on my own and it sold out in less than a day! Rachael has such amazing energy, ideas and listening skills.

Georgi-Anna Fitzpatrick - Women's Wellness Coach, Educator, Kanga Trainer.


If you have questions regarding business mentoring, please email rachael@rachaelrose.com.au

I live and work in Wollongong, on Yuin & Dharawal Country. I sincerely pay my respects to the Wodi Wodi people and their Elders past, present and emerging. This always was, and always will be Aboriginal land.

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