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From Hospital to Homebirth – My New Podcast

Hi, welcome to From Hospital to Homebirth, a podcast for all women and their families who are considering or having home births, as well as birth workers and other care providers who want to inform their practice and learn from the collective wisdom of women.  My name is Rachael Rose, and I would like to…

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Birth Story: Rachael’s homebirth in Wollongong

Healing Homebirth after Induced Hospital Birth I was 42 weeks and 3 days pregnant and I had scheduled a catch up with a close friend, as a much needed dose of distraction and connection. The “where’s the bloody baby itch” was growing stronger with every hour that passed. I felt like I was losing my…

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Birth Story: Zoe’s Homebirth in Wollongong

My birth story really starts a full year before Finley was born, and I was starting to consider having a homebirth after having my first son in hospital. I had always wanted to birth at home but talked myself out of it during his pregnancy. I fell pregnant with our second baby at the start…

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