I bring the strategy and soul to everything I do.

Strategy + soul services

I have an eclectic mix of experience in communications, marketing and education, working with social enterprises and for-purpose companies and charities. Whether that’s in fundraising and philanthropy, campaign management, membership engagement or risk and operations.

I have only worked for female-led companies and organisations and I am wildly passionate about driving profit and creating wealth for more women worldwide.

I’ve made businesses stacks of cash, helped them achieve national and international awards and completed big-picture certifications such as achieving B-Corp status.

I weave magic so women realise their power and potential, not only in birth, breastfeeding and baby-raising but in business too. 

I doula and coach my bosses, colleagues, clients and the emerging Dynamo Doulas I work with, to want and ask for more - more confidence - more money - more flexibility - more respect - more fun.

I’m a heart-centred mentor with a sharp mind for the details that will turn dreams into a reality.

I am currently Angel Phoenix Arsenal’s (formerly Angela Gallo) sidekick, brand and project manager and all round kickass confidante. This means I am directly involved in driving her personal brand to global proportions, through the various offerings of her Dynamo Doula Training, Visibility for Visionaries and Radical Resurgence Retreat and program.

I wholeheartedly believe in Angel’s vision to revolutionise birth culture via training a league of Dynamo Doulas who will think big picture, speak up loudly against the institutionalised abuse and disrespect of women and birthing people, and who will create genuine change in their communities.

I’m also along for the smashing-the-patriarchy, abolishing the martyrdom-of-motherhood and rebirthing-womxn ride.

Angel has a crystal clear focus on shifting parenting paradigms, having open and honest conversations about money, sex and sensuality and encouraging mothers to lavish in their life force, so they can go from merely surviving to thriving.

Angel is also on a mission to nurture entrepreneurs and visionaries who have a serious social impact, giving them the tools to reclaim their voice and speak about their passion and purpose with conviction.

All while the company circulates wealth to conscious people who give a shit and will do great things. I am 100% here for it all!

Angel is a gatekeeper of all fiery womxn-centred change, catalyst thumping ass shaker and professional womb-quaker.


To contact me regarding any of Angel’s trainings or offerings, or to organise her to speak at one of your events, please email rachael_rose@angelagallo.com

I live and work in Wollongong, on Yuin & Dharawal Country. I sincerely pay my respects to the Wadi Wadi people and their Elders past, present and emerging. This always was, and always will be Aboriginal land.

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