I live in Wollongong with my partner Tristan, our delightful daughter Eloise and a determined baby spirit joining us in Winter 2020. With Geera / Mount Keira on one side and the South Pacific ocean on the other, sitting on the deck with a cup of tea and chatting to the cockatoos is one of my favourite things to do. We have a permaculture garden and there’s nothing quite like savouring a freshly picked cherry tomato from the vine, eating meals with ingredients we’ve mostly grown, and sharing healing food to celebrate, cherish and commiserate with others.

As a doula, heart-centred mentor and women's circle keeper, I have the privilege of witnessing and supporting people through huge transitions in their lives with the utmost love and care. My body is a soft, silky and sacred container and there are many other people’s deepest and darkest secrets stored within my own flesh.

I am a storyteller, an empath, an educator and a damn good listener. I remind people it's safe to be themselves. 

Since crossing my own threshold from maiden to mother, my life has radically transformed in both messy and magnificent ways and I’ve changed so much as a person. A call to action I could no longer ignore, my daughter's birth and the trials of early motherhood set amongst a patriarchal society, taught me how I needed to access my voice and speak up more loudly for my own rights and the rights of others. It also catapulted my love and admiration for the strength of women, and ignited a deep desire to revere and respect our rites of passages, sit in circle with women and spend as much time in their energy and company as possible.

As well as this, seeing how clearly our role as nurturers (the very backbone of society), is dismissed and disrespected, I am determined to support women who want to create businesses which support their families, giving them some financial freedom while mothering their children.

I’ve been on long and winding healing path over the last 5 years, recovering from childhood trauma, disordered eating and disconnection from my body. I have gratefully emerged from the cocoon as a butterfly spreading her wings, still delicate, but now deliciously dangerous with the strength of my own self-acceptance and belief in my ability to transform tragedy into triumph.

Rachael Lord
Dynamo Doula - Sydney, October
Rachael Rose

I care deeply about people and the planet. I am a passionate breastfeeding advocate and believe all mothers and babies deserve support in developing their breastfeeding relationship.

I trust that setting mothers, babies, families and women-led businesses up to thrive, could dramatically change the ways we all treat each other, our ability to live sustainably, and treat Mother Earth with more kindness too.

Words of love

I am blown away by Rachael’s work. She is helping me love my whole self again, without conditions. I don’t know if I have met a more intelligent, creative, organised and brilliant person!

Shelley Oak

Rachael is the person you want in your corner for all things pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and baby raising. Her gentleness matches her fierceness. I couldn’t have done my first year of motherhood without Rachael’s support, wisdom, empathy and humour. 

Amy Fitzell

Rachael is one of the most kind and supportive women I know. She is generous with her time, her wisdom and her heart and has helped make my journey through motherhood filled with connection, joy and love. Any women who work with her will find themselves supported and nurtured as they transition to motherhood.


Rachael is thoughtful, generous, passionate, intelligent and full of heart. I trust that her work as a doula, activist and mother will change the world of those she connects with and expand all of our sense of possibility as we explore what it means to be a parent in 2020.

Lotus Fire

Despite being on the other side of the world and out of touch for some time, Rachael was one of the first people I told when I found out I was pregnant. I was in the depths of debilitating fatigue and trying to make sense of my new reality, and I knew she’d get it. She’s been the first person I have reached to many times since, through the trials and tribulations of pregnancy, a traumatic birth and my transformation into motherhood. Every step of the way, Rachael has been a guiding light with her sound, thoughtful, attentive advice. Rachael’s devotion comes from a place of fiery passion, and you know she’ll always be in your corner.

Hannah Gibbs-Harker

Consider me your birth and business coach, counsellor and confidante all rolled into one.

Let's work together!

If you feel like I may me the right doula for you and you are ready to invest in a life-changing relationship - please get in touch!

Rachael Rose

Wollongong, Australia

E: rachael@rachaelrose.com.au

M: 0451 372 626

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I live and work in Wollongong, on Yuin & Dharawal Country. I sincerely pay my respects to the Wadi Wadi people and their Elders past, present and emerging. This always was, and always will be Aboriginal land.

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